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A body scrub brings many benefits to the skin, as it removes the outer layer of dead cells that are charged with impurities. Indeed, with the passing of the years, these dead cells are less and less likely to be removed and end up obstructing the pores that are thus prevented in their physiological action. As a result, the skin fades away, thickens, hardens and becomes rougher.


A body scrub contributes then to keep a healthy and beautiful skin, by stimulating the cellular regeneration and removing the dead cells, by increasing the blood flow and by enhancing the efficiency of the various body treatments.


All the scrubs are made on the spot with fresh ingredients:


1) Oriental (rice, tamarin, yogurt): recommended for oily skin

2) East meets West (almond, oil. tamarin, yogurt): recommended for dry skin

3) Mediterranean (nut, honey, milk): recommended for normal skin


Having a stimulating body scrub followed by a relaxing oil massage is a perfect combination to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.


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