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For their comfort and well-being, the masseur and the customer wear large and flexible cloths (provided by the salon).


In order to enjoy a great freedom of motion for the masseur, the massage is carried out on a matress laying on the floor.


Being on the floor has the additional advantage to accomodate people of different sizes and weights.


The masseur uses then all the precise knowledge of  gestures and motions in order to have the best effect of the various pressure and stretching. His feet, elbows, and knees participate as much to the massage as his hands.


The Thai traditional massage acts on the energy system through energy lines called Sen. These Sen run through the entire body and distribute the vital body force. The aim of the massage is then to free the disruptions that interfere with the balances of those lines.


The Thai traditional massage releases the muscular and articular tensions and ensures the fluidity of the energy in the entire body. Its relaxing and energizing properties enhance the tonus and contribute to the general balance and well-being.


The normal duration of the massage is 90 minutes or 120 minutes. A shorter duration is also possible, however, some body parts may not receive as much attention as necessary.


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