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Opening Hours

monday - sunday : 11h - 20h

The traditional oil massage is a natural complement to the  traditional Thai massage.

For this massage, the customer is laying in underwear, and is covered by a towel around the waist as well as along the body, depending on the manipulations. Different types of oil with various scent like jasmin, lemon grass, lavander are available as desired.

Fluid motions as well as deep pressures enable the body to relax and generate a pleasant sensation of warmth. The muscles can then relax and the stress accumulated during the day is released. This type of massage also  has a stimulating effect on the blood flow and helps revitalise the skin. 

The beneficial effects of the oil massage and its scent ensure that you will feel totally relaxed.

For those who enjoyed an oil massage, a shower is at your disposal if desired.

The massage duration is similar to that of the traditional Thai massage, that is one to two hours.

Prices (in CHF) :
60min = 110.-
90min = 150.-
120min = 190.-